Point Performing Arts setting class size limits and student-to-teacher ratios, will consider the needs of the the instructor, the students and their parents. Class sizes may vary depending on the studio the class is held in. Also depends on the age of the dancers and the genre being taught. Point Performing Arts finds the best ratio for preschool children ages 2–3 is a maximum of five to six students per class; for children ages 4–5, it’s a maximum of five to six students. For grade school children, our maximum is six to eight; for teen and adult classes, it’s up to 20 depending on which studio the class is held in.

Many parents believe that if a class is too large, their child will not get personalized instruction and that the chance for injury will increase. While a low student-to-teacher ratio is often desirable for parents, it can be frustrating for a teacher who prefers a larger class size for the increased energy and dynamic change. Point Performing Arts is sure that their teachers have the background and experience to handle a larger class. It takes only one or two students with behavior issues to cause chaos. We have found that it sets parents at ease when we assign an assistant teachers (who has gone through our assistant teacher training program) to a large class to help the faculty member focus attention where needed.

Point Performing Arts maximums are stated clearly on our website and that you reserve the right to cancel any class with insufficient registration. Point Performing Arts will often cancel, combine or split classes to get to the right student-teacher ratio that provides an optimum learning environment.