Mother – Combo – Class – ages – 18 – months – to – 2 – years
KEY to a successful Mommy and Me dance class.  When dancers of any age, but especially Preschool Dancer know what to expect and learn to follow an established routine, the children thrive.  I use  a very clearly laid out class phases, as well as prop suggestions, choreographed steps, sticker charts etc, I have used it for years to deliver literally thousands of successful Mommy and Me dance classes – it has never let me down and I swear by it.  Your Mommy and Me dance class should be around 45 minutes and include the following class phases.

  1. A welcome routine
  2. Warm up and articulation
  3. Ballet steps (pliés, tendus, arm waves, partner sautés, prop work (eg peak a-boo with scarves)
  4. Locomotion – Fairy runs (with fairy wings), marches (with wands)
  5. Fun activity (eg ring a Rosie, action dance)
  6. Good bye routine (eg Rock a bye your bear)

June 1 @ 16:15

4:15 pm

– 5:00 pm


Trai Allgeier

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