Abigail Lind
Point Performing Arts Instructor

Abigail is from Chanute, Kansas where she found and fell instantly in love with the opportunity to express her passion through the performing arts. She started off her performing career in a number of large community theater productions where she dance, sang, acted and eventually choreographed. This ultimately led her to taking any and all dance classes offered at Studio B Dance Center under Beth M. Bell, and gradually earning more teaching and choreography jobs throughout the studio and community.

Abigail attended Missouri State University in order to gain her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance. Her time there was spent being involved in any thing and everything dance related, including a number of musicals with-in the program, Inertia Dance Company, MSU UTD President and board, Study Abroad to Scotland during the Fringe Festival, and many more.


Performing Arts School

Welcome to. Point Performing ArtsDance, Voice, Piano, and Acting. WE are your premiere dance studio – offering a variety of styles for all ages and all levels.

Quote from Frank Hatchett :”I use current music and I use current moves – different moves from the street, which I’ve always done from day one. So they like that. And I use that to get into their heads – then I can get them into a technique class.” 


In this class students will work towards flexibility and balance.  All ages will work towards skills like chest rolls, chest stands, scorpions, etc.  Proper technique during contortion positions and ballet movements will be emphasized in this class.




Acro classes consist of basic to advance tumbling. Student progress starting with basic tumbling skill, strength building exercises and total body awareness exercises. Strength and flexibility will be gained along with the confidence.

Quote about Frank Hatchett

“Frank sees inside people and inspires them to bring out their potential. Frank teaches more than dance, he teaches about life.” – Steven Boyd, teacher and choreographer

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