Whether you are just dancing for fun, for fitness or training for a professional career, POINT can help develop an individualized plan to help you reach your goals.

We are pushing the limit, growing, and dancing outside of the box to help you realize your potential, refine your gifts and talents, and support you on your journey to the peak, the pinnacle, the POINT.

Five Reasons to Choose PPA for Dance Instruction in Springfield, Missouri

In 2014, Trai Allgeier bought Point Performing Arts (PPA) after studying dance for over 28 years. Trai is committed to providing all students high-quality dance education. Point Performing Arts is a member the National Dance Education Organization. Point Performing Arts is the 2nd studio in Missouri to have a National Honor Society. Establishing a National Honor Society for Dance Arts in our school is one very important way that you can help advance the field of dance education. Celebrating the artistic and academic achievements of exceptional dance students helps to create honor and prestige within our field and improve our image to those outside the field.

We at PPA believe in teaching proper dance technique from the very beginning. Dancers of all ages and ability will benefit from our experienced teachers. At PPA we hire instructors based on their dancing and instructional abilities which ensures our students receive top-notch training in a variety of styles of dance. PPA  also offers  Voice, Piano and Acting lessons.

Our staff trains dancers who wish to attend an amazing dance program at an accredited four-year university. At PPA, our job is to position dancers for this goal even if it’s so far on the horizon nobody sees it, yet. Of course, this is not the path for all children, but we believe all dancers benefit from an environment of high expectations and structure that comes from our goal oriented program. Dancers are evaluated annually to empower parents to make decisions about proper program placement for their children.

PPA has fine-tuned our curriculum for all ages and levels. We have created a perfect blend of technique which focuses on personal development and challenges our dancers. Our youngest dancers have a fabulous time in class with their teachers. At the same time they are learning an incredible amount of terminology and technique without even realizing it.

Professionally managed dance studios are rare. We strive to create an environment where our teachers can focus on teaching and skip routine administrative tasks. That’s why we’re proud of the many innovations we’ve adopted to make your family’s dance experience positive. Point Performing Arts offers personal attention and well-maintained facilities to a simple, streamlined registration process. PPA is on the cutting edge of dance management technology.

Trai Allgeier

Victoria Billington
Asst. Director

PT Tran
Director (Motion Playlist)

Brandon Lee
Asst. Director (Motion Playlist)